The Port of Kalajoki is located by the Gulf of Bothnia which is part of the Baltic Sea. The location of the port is ideally suited for client companies. Transportation distances are reasonable and the port is located near two highways, route 8 and route 27.

The connection to the port from route 8 is short, just 4 kilometres. Also, because the Port of Kalajoki is situated by the deep open sea the maintenance of the fairway is easier during the winter time when the sea freezes.

The distance to the main fairway outside the Kalla islets is only 20-25 kilometres. The sea deepens fast at the mouth of the port and there the depth is already over 10 metres. A further 2 kilometres out from the port the sea has already reached a depth of 13-15 metres.

As a result of the favourable location there has been port activity in Rahja already since the late 19th century. Development of the port, in its’ present location, began in the late 1950’s and for the last 40 years the port has been vigourously improved.

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